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Our Global Vision

Our Global Vision


It’s funny how things work in the world, you know. Here I was, talking to my staff the whole week about how we need to go international, we need to do this, we need to do that….. I’m sure they were absolutely sick of me and was probably wondering what was wrong with me! But, I had a plan in my head. I could see where I wanted us to go but of course, they weren’t in my head so they couldn’t see my vision.

It wasn’t enough that we print for Liberia and South Africa, I wanted us to be more visible elsewhere around the world.

Then, I received a letter a week later written on a letterhead for Rally for the Goals. Don’t get me wrong, I get so many letters asking for sponsorship for different projects and events but this caught my eye. Apart from the logo being so colourful, the letter was asking Colour Magic to be the official Print Partner for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in Ghana. As I sat and read through the letter, I realized the opportunity to be more visible around the world was suddenly possible. What a better way than through the United Nations?!!

So we scheduled a meeting with the Rally for the Goals team who are the SDG officials for Ghana to discuss how we could be of service and do our part in achieving these Sustainable Development Goals.

These were the people who came for the meeting:

Stephen Selasie Asuo is a paramedic and project manager by profession, sustainable development advocate by passion and a social entrepreneur. He has served in the National Ambulance Service for the past 1 decade. He has been in civil society since 2003 till date and has been responsible for starting numerous initiatives in the public and private service. Some include the founding father and first president of the Emergency Medical Technical Association of Ghana, secretary general of Ghana Powerlifting Federation, Programs coordinator of Planet Three Peace Program and many others. Currently, he is the leader of the Youth Action Campaign in Ghana and other African countries and the Co-Founder/President of Rally for the Goals. He believes that Africa has the potential to develop rapidly when the SDGs are adopted and implemented at the grassroots level by the youth.

Emmanuel Abbey Alo is a chess coach extraordinaire, chess ambassador and a sustainable development goals (SDGs) advocate, He is the initiator of the chess for peace campaign on Africa. Abbey has also won making accolades in the game of chess. In 2011 he was awarded the best chess coach during the 2nd African Schools Chess Tournament, Chess for peace Token during the Mon Roi Inc World Youth Chess for Peace Tournament in 2012 and many other achievements. He is currently and SDGs Goodwill Ambassador and doubles as the President of the Legends International Chess Foundation. He is currently also the Vice President of Rally for the Goals.

Hank Anuku is known to many as the Bad Boy of African action movies He has been a screen God for over two decades. He also featured in over 50 films and series in Nigeria, Ghana and beyond. A man of principle and a strong believer in the Gospel of Jesus, he is very devoted and conscious of his influence on the youth hence he joined the Rally for the Goals to promote the SDGs as a goodwill Ambassador for the SDGs in Ghana and Nigeria. He is currently working on the release of their latest movie dubbed ‘Nightmare in Accra’ with the Rebel Entertainment Production.

Buddaman also known as Charles Roger Beckley is a multi-talented dancehall artiste, music producer. He has been tagged as the father of the dancehall movement. He is known in music circles as Dancehall emperor. He has released multiple singles and is also created for directing and acting the controversial action movie ‘Nightmare in Accra’. He is currently a goodwill Ambassador for sustainable development Ghana.

Our offices were stormed by fans of Hank Anuku and Buddaman as they left our office and we were left elated at being the official print partners for the Rally for the Goals campaign.

And what are the Sustainable Development Goals? Check out this link and see if you can identify with any of them and help in spreading the word on how we can achieve this together.

So, in my bid to be more visible internationally, I had succeeded in not just that but also partnering in a global vision for making our world a better place.

It’s funny how things work in the world you know.

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